Meet the Team

The SEAO2-CDR team includes staff working at leading European marine, climate policy, economic and political science research institutions, in addition to an international ocean business alliance and specialists in the administration, coordination and management of European research and innovation projects.

In uniting this world-class expertise around the shared issue of ocean-based climate change mitigation strategies, SEAO2-CDR has the depth, breath and interdisciplinary expertise required to improve our ability to evaluate and assess the environmental safety, social acceptability and economic viability of ocean-based carbon dioxide removal.

Project Management | Work Package Leads

National Oceanography Centre

University of Cambridge

  • Shaun Fitzgerald
  • David Reiner
  • John Taylor
  • Jorge Vinuales
  • Alexandra Turchyn
  • Oscar Branson
  • Zeynep Clulow

Heriot Watt University

  • Phil Renforth

World Ocean Council Europe

  • Paul Holtus
  • Jill Storey
  • Lisa Simone de Grunt

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research  

  • Andreas Oschlies
  • Sandy Avrutin

Kiel Institute for the World Economy  

  • Christine Merk
  • Wilfried Rickels
  • Andrea Wunsch  

Kiel University  

  • Frank Meisel

University of Leipzig  

  • Patricia Grasse

LUISS University  

  • Raffaele Marchetti
  • Pietro Pustorino
  • Gianfranco Pellegrino

University of Leiden  

  • Paul Behrens
  • Carlos Felipe Blanco Rocha
  • Nils Thonemann
  • Jasper Williams


  • Willem van Dorp

Centre for Social and Economic Research  

  • Karolina Zubel
  • Izabela Marcinowska
  • Bazyli Klakla
  • Marek Peda

Comillas Pontifical University  

  • Pedro Linares

European University Institute  

  • Ginevra le Moli